Library Art Project

In June myself and Breen took part in the library's Art Project. The project was to make a boat that floats. At the start we thought it would be hard but then it got easy. We got a plank of wood, two small planks of wood and three cuboids of wood. We got a hammer and lots of nails. After we hammered the wood together. We got an oak tree branch and put it on the bottom. Then we stuck it into place. Then we got a few bendable oak tree branches and put them around the side of it. At this stage it looked like a boat. The next day we had to build up the sides then the next day we put the outside of the boat on. This was just plastic so it could float. We made a mast and a flag and stuck it in place. Then at half ten that night we put them into the canal. We were happy when we saw them float. Then at eleven o’clock they were taken out and we brought them home. It was great fun.

Ian and Breen